Come on down to ghp

My brother and a cool background guy

Hello South Carolina

Hello South Carolina

A blurry sneak peak photo of this randomly generated platformer level I’m working on

“Somebody’s Heine’”
— Weezer

Sharknado 2  has got to be real good, i haven’t worked for nbc in two years, and this is the first email i’ve gotten from then since.

Cooking bacon on the fire

best news title of the month, at least.

My cousin Pete Fighter.

he wants to play xbox.


still can’t believe my apartment got robbed and trashed. who the fuck kicks in a wall to get inside an apartment

Damn that sucks bad, I feel for you! 
& Also, to answer your question:

Reading an article about Tom Jones playing real loud at the Edinburgh Castle, I notice that the quote tweet is actually none other then some random dude I know in the UK who really like my bands music